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  • In one place, you can check daily company reports, spending, and purchases.
  • You may also look into the opening balance, ending balance, and overall profit for a given day
  • As PASAL SMS convey the report in a daily basis.
  • Examine how your company is progressing on a daily basis
  • On the basis of your timely transactions, Pasal SMS will reveal the overall progress of your firm.
  •  performing reviews, you may monitor customer satisfaction and measure how many new customers you get on average.
  • You may also keep track of your monthly expenses and buying reports.
  • You can examine the initial balance, ending balance
  • You can check overall profit for the entire month, just as you can in Daily reports.
  • Create sales invoices and deliver them to your customers via our app, Viber, email, SMS, and other methods
  • The proposed approach is a real-time notification system that is based.
  • The system has overall good performance, attaining 100%

Detailed Reports

The Detailed Report displays day-by-day time tracking information. The report offers a list of tasks completed by each workspace member on any given day. Data is organized in a table by day,user,time entry and time.

Simple, Easy to Use

It is available on both the desktop and mobile platforms.It's incredibly simple to use. With various technologies, we may simple check up records and other information. It is visual management software that helps to track of everything in your business.It is more efficient.

Analyze Monthly Data, Expenses

Decide on the time period you'll be measuring first. The month or quarter could be the case. All of your revenue and sales must be entered into your spreadsheet. It saves all thorough reports and displays them on the last day of each month. It also calculates the business's expenses and the credits that should be offered and received.

Progress Tracker

Track Your Business Progress With Our App.

Ultimate source to encounter loopholes and help your business to lift up.

Share Bills To Customers Smartly.

Generate Sales bills and send them to your customer directly via our app, Viber, Email, SMS, etc.


Pasal SMS allows you to keep track products in stocks, total sales,and demands in no time. Inventory management is a method for acquiring, keeping and selling inventory, including both raw materials and completed commodities. Pasal sms allows you to keep track of your products in stock, total sales, and demands in no time. Having a highly effective inventory management system that allows you to keep track of the things in your life. The advantages of inventory it can Just-in-time (JIT) and materials requirement planning are two primary strategies for inventory management (MRP). It helps to improve cash flow. It satisfies the customer and helps tp upgrade the system.saves money.Inventory management aims to streamline stocks as much as possible in order to minimize both gluts and shortages.
Financial records such as balance sheets, profit and loss statements, revenue and expense accounts are frequently integrated with Inventory Management Systems. In order to compute your expenses, an Inventory Management System must have interface with finance software or built-in accounting features.Business accounting is a process that involves analyzing, recording, and presenting financial information. It can be performed by either a small business or a large organization. The goal of accounting is to provide a comprehensive view of a company's financial transactions and financial performance. It also helps improve the accuracy of financial statements
Pasal SMS allows you to keep track of products in stock, total sales, and demands in no time.Inventory management is a method for acquiring, keeping, and selling inventory, including both raw materials and completed commodities (products).As, Pasal SMS allows you to keep track of your products in stock, total sales, and demands in no time. Having a highly effective inventory management system that allows you to keep track of the things in your life. pasal SMS has also the features of different method such as Share Data More Effectively, Collaborate in Real-Time,Outsource Effectively, backup data effectively, good quality
A progress report is exactly what sounds like a document that details how far you've progressed on a project's completion. It lists the actions you've done, the tasks you've finishes, and the projects milestones you have attained. That make it more easier to see and evaluates the progress of your business.A business report's purpose is to provide a critical analysis of how the company is performing across all departments. Firm reports are critical tools for guiding decision-making and allowing business owners and senior management to examine and resolve any concerns that have been found. The process of generating and assessing data within a certain functional area, such as finance, sales, operations, inventory management, or any other area of the organization where performance is monitored and measured, is known as reporting.
It consists of a 100% effective inventory management system that gives you a reminder for any payment dues.Remind your customer to make a payment in a courteous manner. An alert is an automatic message or notification sent through email, pager, or other means that announces the occurrence of a predetermined event or error condition and the need for action. Users can obtain essential business information in the quickest and most efficient way possible thanks to alerts. If you forget about the first reminder, SMS PASAL Send an overdue payment reminder, and we'll take care of the rest. Send a final notification after you've missed all of the reminders, and we'll try to make a decision. When specified data values or conditions occur in a report, developers can easily set up automatic alerts and notifications to be sent to specific users.
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How long will it take to switch to Pasal SMS?

It will not take that long, we have a team to work on it quickly.

Can non accounting person use this software?

Each and every required financial are generated from the system is simple and easily understandable by anyone so, specific knowledge in accounting is not needed at all.​

Is Pasal SMS easy to use?

Yes, on a single click it generates variety of reports, on few clicks the bills can be made and many more things can be done very easily..