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Stock Analysis.

The evaluation of a specific trading instrument, an investing sector, or the market as a whole is known as stock analysis. Stock analysts try to predict how an instrument, industry, or market will perform in the future.

All Devices support.

Pasal SMS transforms your firm into a smart business. It has a cloud sync system and is available on both mobile and desktop. It is compatible with both iOS and Android, allowing it to be used in a variety of commercial settings.

Expense Analysis.

SMS PASAL Collects data that will be used in the expense analysis. Based on the expenditure analysis, establish clear priorities. Other departments should be informed about the expenditure analysis.

Analyze your pr.

Press Clippings, Media Impressions, Content Analysis and Market Surveys are the reasons to analyze your pr. White label PDF reports and powerful analytics User-friendliness.

Daily Reports:

Check daily Business reports expenses and purchases on one place. You can also check the opening balance, closing balance, and overall profit for a day of a specific date.

Monthly Reports:

You can also track of the expenses, and purchases reports of the month. Like in Daily reports, you can look over the opening balance, closing balance, and overall profit of the whole month.

Scan To Search/Bill entry:

To search for any products or make billing of any items, you can scan and get the required product as well as the bill format

  • Stock analysis
  • Analyze your pr
  • Business Summary
  • Credit Reports
  • Customer Reports 
  • Expenses Analyses
  • Accounting 
  • Bank Accounts
  • Printer Supports
  • Data safety and security
  • Lifetime Support/if taken installation/Support
  • All device Support
  • Monthly Updates and more for a lifetime
  • Custom Feature Development

Progress Tracker:

Check how your business growing day by day. Pasal SMS will show the overall progress of your business on the basis of your timely transaction.
Accounting to make easier

It tracks and sorts all business expenses and keeps current profit and loss statements. It aids in the establishment of an all-in-one payment solution.

Access business in your head

It is designed for small businesses to handle invoicing, inventory, accounting, and much more! The goal is to make a business’s daily routine  and to allow them to focus on growing their business rather than on work.

Available in Different devices( Phone and Desktop)

It is both in android and Ios. Being available in both the phone and desktop it saves time and we can easily backup the data.

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The package has the appearance of an app rather than the usual other activities. This software has greatly aided me. Because it comes in three packages (mobile, desktop, and mobile and desktop), I can easily access my work from anywhere and at any time. It offers a free demo so that we can learn quickly. It is small Business Accounting Software that saves time.
Sangita SHARMA
I will be using this in all of my stores and it is excellent. You did what was best for the customer.
Madhav ghimire
I've been using this software for my business since a year and it has helped me in numerous ways. During my working hours, I can easily access from any of my devices.
parashu ram subedi
Business man
It is ideal for my supermarket. It is precise because we can easily record the data using the software.
Yuddha baniya
it's been less than a year since I started using software for my kerana pasal, but it's already helped me grow my business more easily. I am the package funder. I couldn't use it before, but they gave me a demo, so it's now my primary need.
Gopal prasad ARYAl
Kerana store
This is excellent and will be used in all of my stores. You acted in the best interests of the customer.
Deepshikha kuinkel
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